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We all are well aware of the fact that each and every one of us look forward, to a great career. If you are planning to undertake a course in ITI, you should know all about the course and what should you look forward to be doing at the end of the ITI.

Career Options after ITI CoursesIf you happen to be an aspirant for ITI or are already pursuing ITI, you must have at one or the other time encountered this very nagging but important question, i.e., ‘What will I do after ITI?’ In today’s time, the skills of a professional(candidate) matter equally as their academic degree. First of all, we must understand that we must be skilled and competent to be a good professional.

The skillset among the youth is also being pumped through initiatives like Skill India, especially run by the Government of India to make the youth of the country empowered. Such skillsets make the youth productive and more employable. Thus, it can be said that those who are or have undergone training at Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) across India have excellent career opportunities ahead of them.

The popularity of ITI CoursesForever and ever ITI courses have been a trendy choice among aspirants. These courses are readily taken up by those from rural areas, as ITI provides courses that focus on skill development and generates employability. The students who have trained in ITIs are skilled professionals in Engineering or Non-Engineering trades. But we have faced a grim story in the last decade.

The popularity of once-popular ITI courses has dipped. Many factors can be attributed to this dip. Such a dip creates questions in the mind of the students. They question themselves if they have taken up the right path? Is ITI helpful in gaining employment? Are such training programmes useful in the present times? We will answer all such questions today. Career Options After ITI courses in the present times, skills and knowledge of a personal account for his merit.

The one who possess specialized skills and know-how to use precious knowledge become successful. Therefore, one must not think that ITI courses are inferior to others at any time. One must now think that an ITI will not get good career opportunities because it is not so. The employment rates of ITI students have been on the rise, as the students under ITI courses develop the right skills and have the right environment to develop. Thus, it can be said that ITI students have better chances of employment as compared to students pursuing other courses.

ITI students have two main career options available to them, namely either going for further studies or exploring the various job opportunities. Both the mentioned options have their own merits which are taken up as follows as Further StudiesUndertaking Diploma Courses: the students who undertook ITI training in technical trades or engineering domains, have several engineering diploma courses available to them. The diploma engineering courses go in the depth study of the chosen subject. The diploma courses cover the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the subject.

Specialized Short Term Courses: for the students under certain trades of ITI Advanced Training Institutes (ATI) offers specialized short-term courses. Such specialized courses help the student to develop a better skill set and hone the previously developed skills at the same time. Such specialization helps greatly in securing a job in the industry. All India Trade Test: After the completion of ITI the students can also go for the All India Trade Test.

The exam is a special certification which ensures that the candidate is specialized in his trade. The National Trade Certificate (NTC) is awarded to those who clear the All India Trade Test. In some engineering, ITI trades NTC qualification is considered equivalent to the diploma degree. Job opportunities after any course, degree, a student can avail the jobs offered to him/her. The same goes for the students of ITI courses. They can also avail the job opportunities fit for an ITI.

ITIs have dedicated placement cells within the campus, which helps the students in securing the jobs under different public and private sector organizations. These organizations and companies hire ITI students for various trades. Job in Public SectorMost of the ITI students are employed with the public sector. Thus, we can say that the public sector is the biggest employer of ITI students.

Public Sector Units such as Railways, Telecom / BSNL, IOCL, ONCG, State-wise PWDs and others offers jobs to ITI students. ITI students can also explore career opportunities with the Indian Armed Forces, i.e. Indian Army. Indian Navy, Air force, BSF, CRPF and other paramilitary forces and help in keeping the country safe.

Jobs in the Private SectorPrivate sector companies dealing with manufacturing and mechanics look for capable ITI students. The ITI students can look for career opportunities in construction, agriculture, textiles, energy sectors. electronics, welding refrigeration and air-conditioner mechanic, are the sought-after skills in an ITI student by the private sector. Self-Employmenttoday we face an acute shortage of trained and qualified plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, agricultural workers etc.

The trained ITI students can solve this menace by opening their small shops or door to door services. It allows one to start their own business and become self-employed. This is a great opportunity for the students with an ITI certificate and leading qualities to start their own business.

Jobs in Foreign Countries ITI students can also explore off-shore jobs. many developed and developing countries face a shortage of blue-collar professionals; people who can fix things and help or provide associated services. Such jobs are sought for specific trades like Fritters. They require a skilled and well trained ITI to work for them.

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